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Denzil’s Pasty Company is a new and exciting range of Devon made pasties using an old Cornish family recipe

In late 2013 YumYumMe teamed up with a Cornish Master Pasty Baker who wanted to bring his delicious award winning pasties out of Cornwall and into the rest of the UK using YumYumMe to help him achieve this.

The end result is a glorious Gourmet product that we lovingly call a Denzils Pasty. With an original Cornish family recipe passed on through generations this really is the pasty of pasties.


Taste of the West

About Denzil's Pasty

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We are a small family run business with highly skilled and exceptional staff front and centre. Site Manager Tony Jago runs and oversees the day to day production of our Gourmet Denzil’s Pasties, he is supported by Adrina, Charmaine and Dave who’s crimping skills are legendary.

We are also very lucky to have an accomplished sales team James, Paul, John, Penny and Sally, Sally also doubles up as our Dietary & Nutritional expert so can answer any questions or concerns a customer may have. Denzil’s also supplies buffets for events both large and small as well as attending events ourselves to sell our pasties.

If you’d like to know more about our buffet service or would us to attend your events please call one of the sales team who will be very happy to talk to about your needs,

Our Pasty

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Our pasties are made in Plymouth, Devon using an old Cornish family recipe. Fillings include Traditional Steak, Steak & Stilton, Steak & Stout, Pork & Apple, Chicken & Chorizo, Cheese & Onion, Roasted Red Pepper & Mozzarella Cheese and Vegetable. More fillings are always being developed and tested for which we turn to a small lucky panel of selected customers on our Facebook page to sample before going into mass production. Please check out and look at some of the fun posts.

We only use ingredients from our surrounding location. Our vegetables (which come in flaked form) are from Cornwall, our meat comes from a Plymouth butcher who sources from three farms in Devon and one Dorset keep quality at its highest at all times.

We also offer Sausage Rolls using the pastry from our pasties.

The Denzil's Pasty History

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As first mentioned at the beginning of this page, our pasty comes from high up in Denzil’s family tree. Passed down from generation to generation and closely guarded secret recipe, using only locally sourced ingredients, they really are fit for Kings & Queens. The recipe is Cornish in origin but proudly made in Plymouth, Devon.

At Denzil’s, we believe first impressions count so we’ve made every effort to ensure our products and customer service are of the highest quality. James, Paul, John and Sally have been with us since the beginning of the Denzil’s adventure and all come from the relevant backgrounds bringing together a truly unique sales team. James is a classically trained chef who has been involved of all aspects of the catering industry. Paul comes from a corporate background at “Air Liquid”. John has amounted sales experience in most sectors giving him a wide range of experience in people. Sally has accrued experience in quite a few settings ranging from singing for a major opera company in London, working with Bernardo’s and more recently adoption agencies. She is now our lead nutritional and dietary expert. Tony is a man of many trades but has spent most of his career in kitchens and factories alike. Adrina is a classically trained chef and has a very high standard of presentation and finish. Charmaine comes from South Africa and spent a lot of time working for a catering company “Fedex”. Dave come a life in computers and is responsible for all compliance issues within the site.

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