The Veggie Pies History


We love pies, and as our name suggests we love vegetarian pies.

We spend our time producing tasty and healthy veggie pies. We offer a range of appetising pies that are packed full of flavour and interesting ingredients.

Veggie Pies was first conceived by Martin Brophy in 2005. Martin was a long time vegetarian living in Switzerland with his two sons. Martin and his sons loved vegetarian food but found it very difficult to find suitable products in the local area, so Martin started experimenting with making his own vegetarian meals. One of their favourite meals were pies and they became a regular feature at dinner time.

A couple of years later Martin, Joseph and Arthur moved back to the UK and were pleased to find a good selection of vegetarian meals in the supermarkets, including pies. However it wasn't long before they got bored with the limited selection of pies that were available - after all they were "pie lovers"!

Around this time Martin had met his future wife Pam who was a very good cook, so with Pam's skills homemade veggie pies were soon back on the dinner menu.

Martin felt sure there were many other vegetarians, who like him and his sons were also pie lovers and were looking for something more interesting and tasty than were available in the supermarkets. So Veggie Pies was the way forward.

Over the next couple of years Martin and Pam developed a wide range of tasty veggie pie recipes and tested them on family and friends. Many of the recipes were very popular so the range was honed down to the ten favourites with a view to start producing them for sale at local events and markets. However work and family commitments made this a very slow process and the project gradually ground to a halt.

In 2014 Martin and Pam moved to Brittany, France. They wanted to live in the countryside and have a change of lifestyle. In between renovating their old farmhouse they now had time to do the things they had wanted to do for some time. This included reviving their dream of producing Veggie Pies.

Around the same time they met Alison and Bill Lane who ran a commercial kitchen in Plymouth supplying meals to schools and nurseries in the area. Alison and Bill had spare capacity in their kitchen and were looking for ways to expand their kitchen activities. Veggie Pies was a 'perfect solution for both parties. Pam and Martin had the products and Alison and Bill had the kitchen.

In Autumn 2015 Veggie Pies was launched with the tasty festive Creamy Chestnut and Cranberry Pie. This pie proved very popular across the South West of England with many restaurants and deli's, including River Cottage, placing repeat orders.

In January 2016 four additional pies were added for nationwide supply; Spicy Moroccan Chick Pea, Spinach and New Potato, Creamy Leek and Mushroom and Savoury Sweet Potato & Pea.

Look out for Veggie Pies in your local restaurant and deli.

Thanks - Martin and Pam

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